About Shree Shakti Realty

Shree Shakti Realty, a diverse business entity that has evolved and grown rapidly over the years and has a presence across Residential & Commercial.

Our ventures have been Planned, Designed and Constructed in compliance with world class standards with excellent architectural features and amenities to compliment opulent life style.

With a vision to redefine the skyline of Navi Mumbai and Mumbai a mission to offer world‐class real estate development to a discerning clientele. Every project is characterized by innovation that sets new benchmarks in design, comfort and luxury.

With the significant leadership and experience in the field of construction, our ability to effectively provide value‐added services to customers comes from a combination of quality and experience.

Our Mission

"At Shree Shakti Realty, our mission is to elevate the standards of real estate development in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai by consistently delivering world-class projects that redefine luxury, comfort, and innovation. We are committed to providing our discerning clientele with meticulously planned, designed, and constructed residential and commercial spaces that exceed expectations. Through our unwavering dedication to quality, experience, and value-added services, we aim to create not just buildings, but thriving communities that enrich lifestyles and contribute to the transformation of skylines."

Our Vision

"Our vision at Shree Shakti Realty is to reshape the urban landscapes of Navi Mumbai and Mumbai through architectural excellence, cutting-edge design, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. We aspire to be recognized as a beacon of exceptional real estate development, setting new benchmarks for the industry. By embracing the values of quality, integrity, and sustainability, we envision a future where our ventures stand as symbols of opulence, comfort, and modern living. With the strength of our leadership and construction expertise, we are determined to craft spaces that not only redefine luxury but also nurture thriving communities."